Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ward Softball

Josh knocking it out of the park

Annie hoping that the ball doesnt come her way

We have a really great ward up here and every Thursday night is Co-Ed Ward Softball. Our ward always has the most people that come, so our ward gets distributed to the other teams who don't have enough players. This Thursday Josh and I weren't even on the same team :( It is still really fun, and Josh is the all-star of our team. I heard a roar of the crowd and I looked over and Josh had hit an in the park home run... then a few minutes later I hear another roar and it turns out he made a ridiculous bare handed catch! There are usually a lot more guys than girls, but a girl has to bat every other time, so I was exhausted by the end. It is a great way to spend our Thursday evenings!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eye of the Tiger

Well, watching the U.S. Open this past weekend got us really excited to venture out to Logan River Golf Course and show our stuff. I'll admit...I am terrible at golf (I can never hit the ball in the air, it just rolls on the ground) but I kept reminding myself what my Dad always told me..."Drive for the show, but putt for the dough" :) I can at least somewhat putt the ball thanks to my many years of miniature golf. Josh on the other hand hit some really great drives and although I hate to admit it, was definitely the master putter. We went with some of our friends, so there was some serious trash talking going on but it was tons of fun! Golf is something both of us want to get better at, so we hope to play a real round soon. Until then, we will keep our dreams alive of becoming like Tiger one day...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Night Hike

Josh and I made a goal to start exercising more. We decided on trying to do something active every other day (every day would have been too much for us to handle I guess :) Saturday we played tennis, which was hilarious and then on Monday we decided to go for a hike. There is a great Bonneville Shoreline Hike in Logan, and it was so pretty! Everything is so green here and we had a blast! I was a complainer at the beginning because it started off pretty steep, but then it flattened out and we got to watch a beautiful sunset overlooking the valley. Of course we had to have a treat after our hike, so we went and got some famous Aggie ice cream!