Monday, June 15, 2009

When in Rome...

Well we are back from our DREAM vacation! It was so gorgeous, and everywhere we went looked like a postcard! We visited Josh's mission in Sicily and went to Paris, Venice, Florence and we ended up in Rome. We literally have thousands of pictures, so I will just post a few and if you are dying to see the rest just let me know and I will come and show you :)

Josh and Bobbie outside of the Vatican

The BEST gelato we had on our trip! Trust me...we ate it about twice a day, so that is really saying something :)

The Vatican at night

The Pantheon

The Colloseum.... one of my favorite things we saw!

The beautiful water streets of Venice

Venice at night

The Spanish steps in Paris

Love at the Eiffel Tower :)

We got one of these every morning and ate it as we walked around.

It was so fun to have Josh's mom with us on the trip because she was our own personal photographer :) Thanks Bobbie...we love you!

This is Cefalu, which if you have ever seen the church Movie "How Rare a Possession", this is where it was set. Sicily was so pretty!

This is at the mission home in Catania where Josh slept his first night he got to Italy. We also met a member at the mission home who bought shoes for Josh when his shoes had holes in them. It was such an incredible experience!

I wish I could post all of our pictures because we had so much fun! We feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to travel and see such incredible things... thanks Bobbie for help making our dreams a reality!