Monday, December 20, 2010

4 months!

Well, our little man is now 4 whole months! As a celebration of his big day he decided to get an ear infection. What a great way to celebrate huh? On top of that I am pretty sure he is starting to teethe, oh and he got his shots. He definitely has not been his normally happy self this past week, but he is sill pretty much the most awesome thing around :)

Josh's brother works for the Jazz and was able to get us second row tickets to see the Jazz play the Orlando Magic. For those of you who aren't aware, for some reason my husband is obsessed with the Orlando Magic, and has been since elementary school. He is also a Jazz fan, but was sad after the game because his precious Magic lost to the Jazz :)

This is a picture of how sick our little boy has been. He is not normally a cuddly kid, so for him to fall asleep while I am holding him means he is not feeling very well :(

We were able to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert featuring David Archuleta on Sunday morning. was so great! We certainly love that kid!


Shayla Edwards said...

First off, Caleb is adorbale and how sad that he is not feeling so swell! Poor thing! Secondly, way jealous about the Jazz game. I think Taylor would trade me as his wife for tickets like that. haha. And lastly.. I AM SO completely jealous that you got tickets to the concert. I wanted them so bad. I cried. Like for real. I signed up like 6 people just to increase my odds. Oh well! Im glad you got to go though. I dont completely hate you. :)

The Daltons said...

Poor baby!! I hope he feels better soon. I've heard amazing things about the concert this year, I'm glad you were able to go!!

The Swensons said...

Ok, I LOVE cuddling/sleeping pictures. So precious, but sad that he's feeling terrible :(. Gabe just got his first ear infection a couple days ago and he's been really cuddly too. It breaks your heart huh? That's awesome you guys got 2nd row seats!!!! Looks like a blast :)

Miss Kendra said...

Wait. Who is his brother and what does he do for the Jazz? Lewis used to work for them. I wonder if they know each other!!!

{amy k.} said...

i can't believe your baby is getting so big! what a cutie!

and i'm super, SUPER, jealous of the 2nd row tickets! that's amazing! i'm a HUGE fan!! what a fun date!